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Our Neighborhood Boundaries

Are you in the Richmond Highlands Neighborhood? The Richmond Highlands neighborhood stretches from Richmond Beach Road to the north, runs down 8th Avenue NW on the West to 180th; turns west to 10th Avenue NW; encompasses the cul-de-sacs off of 10th on the west side of Sunset Elementary school; runs along NW 175th St on the south to Carlyle Hall Road; continues east on 165th, and meets Aurora Ave on the East side. Our neighborhood meets Hillwood neighborhood to the north, Innis Arden to the West, Highland Terrace to the South, and Meridian Park to the east.
What IS the Richmond Highlands Neighborhood Association?

The RHNA is simply neighbors meeting other neighbors. There are currently no membership dues, and no requirements to be a part of it, other than living within our neighborhood boundaries.

Our goal is to have informed neighbors, who look out for each other and for the concerns of the residences and businesses in our area. We try to bring in speakers to talk about issues or concerns that directly affect Richmond Highlands. This could be the City Manager talking about the City budget, a School District representative talking about issues concerning Shorewood, the Traffic Engineer listening to our traffic concerns, emergency preparedness experts, Parks people, or even business owners looking to develop their property.

We firmly believe that tight-knit communities function better, foster respect and concern, and make the neighborhood safer and more pleasant . Our neighborhood is home to a High School, some large businesses, a couple of churches, single family residences, apartment buildings, group homes, retirement communities, some smaller businesses, a park-to-be, and a lot of history. Whether or not you are able to attend the monthly meetings, we hope that you will add your email address to our list and check the website periodically. Communication is invaluable, and we'd love to loop you in!

If you are not on our email list and would like to receive community information as it comes up, send an email to Lisa Surowiec.

Richmond Highlands Neighborhood
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